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Event Medical Staff

      At SEMS Medical Services, Our Medical Team are professional and experienced staff who are dedicated to patient care. We provide staff at a wide variety of events from a local sports day to music festivals. 

 Our High Dependancy Service is available for both NHS and private customers throughout Wales 24/7.

Our High Dependancy Ambulances are equipped to A&E standard including heart monitors with ECG capabilities, Clinical obs monitoring, Automated external defibrillators, suctions units, 02 and Entonox along with all the moving equipment our patients may need e.g carry chair or stretcher.

Our vehicles come staffed with two experienced members of our team who will be able to transfer patients to medical facilities maintaining care and carrying out patient monitoring.

Nightclub Medical Support

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Patient / Organ Transport

      Our Patient Transport Service operates a high quality service for patients ensuring they get vital access to health services in a safe, comfortable and efficient way. We take patients who need specialist assistance or aren’t suitable to move around in a car to and from appointments at hospitals and other medical Facilites.

We are able to take bookings for NHS Customers, Private Facilites e.g Nursing home or individual clients who would like to take a relative to a destination where without medical assistance isn’t possible. 

Training Services

      Our qualified instructors can teach a variety of first aid courses including BLS refreshers, CPD, EFAW and FAW. If you are unsure of which program you should take, you can contact us to get suggestions regarding the one that is best for you based on your needs. We are able to offer courses for individuals or businesses.

First-Aid Supplies

      Our company offers all of the first aid supplies you could possibly need. Whether you want to purchase individual items or fully kitted bags, you can be confident that we can provide you with what you require.

We regularly update our online store but if you can’t see something that you require please give us a call.

We have recently sold our top selling First Aid Bags to the Local Authority as they come equipped ready for use and meet the HSE requirements.

If you require any of our services, simply call us to discuss your needs.

Our Trained Support Staff will ensure that you receive the best possible service.

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